No Ugly Drink Wellness Skin 250ml



So what’s in No Ugly Skin? Collagen, obviously – 10,000mg of gorgeous, ethically sourced French marine fish collagen – which significantly increases skin elasticity and firmness* when consumed daily for at least 4 weeks.

Combining this with No Ugly’s hero ingredient Enzogenol®, New Zealand’s very own super-antioxidant, and with support from vitamin C, No Ugly Skin helps your body keep up production of its own natural collagen.

The Enzogenol®/Collagen/Vitamin C combo is a winner, helping the formation and synthesis collagen along with firmness in skin. It comes in the form of a convenient, delicious, pineapple-flavoured wellness tonic.

Gorgeous.  A little bottle that packs a big glowy punch.

Nutritional Information: 

ENERGY - 74.6 cals

PROTEIN - total - 10.5g

- marine collagen - 10g

- total fats - 0g


- sugars  3g


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