Puritan's Pride 60 Softgels Absorbable Calcium 600mg plus Magnesium 300mg & Vitamin D 1000iu

  • FDA-registered product | CPR Number: FR-4000006280844
  • Supports bone and joint health.*
  • Supports immune function and Bone density.**
  • Assists in maintaining a healthy immune system

Bone-Active™ Bone Density Supplement

At any age, bone health is important.
Puritan’s Pride Absorbable Calcium with Magnesium and Vitamin D contains Bone-Active™ bone density supplement.**

Formulated to help maintain bone strength and density, this supplement aims to help support optimal bone health.**

Calcium is the primary mineral responsible for strong bones and teeth.**

Magnesium is essential for calcium transport and absorption, but many of our diets are lacking the right amounts of this essential mineral.**

Magnesium absorption decreases in older adults.
Calcium and Magnesium each play an essential role in maintaining bone health.**

Plus, each softgel is fortified with Vitamin D3.
Calcium and Vitamin D help maintain healthy bones in adults.

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