Puritan's Pride 100 Caplets Chelated Calcium Magnesium Zinc (Expiry 06/23)

  • FDA CPR Number: FR- 4000003941580
  • Supports bone, joint, and nerve health
  • Good for your body’s immune function
  • Helps improve bone density

Your body needs to have the right amounts of calcium, magnesium, and zinc to perform essential day-to-day tasks. These minerals play a vital role in muscular and nerve functions and are crucial in maintaining optimal bone, joint, and cellular health. Unfortunately, many of us are unable to maintain the right levels of these minerals in our bodies.

Whether it is due to poor diet, older age, or increased athletic performance, incorporating Puritan’s Pride Chelated Calcium Magnesium Zinc supplements into your everyday routine will help improve your overall health and wellbeing. We take pride in our highly-bioavailable chelated formula that delivers these minerals as you need them.

Calcium and magnesium contribute to senior health by helping improve bone density. This supplement may also help athletes who are looking to improve their performance by supporting bone, joint, and muscle health. What’s more, zinc is inherently good for the body’s immune system and helps ward off various illnesses.

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