Puritan's Pride 90 Soft gels Milk Thistle Silymarin 4:1 Extract 1000mg


Taking Milk Thistle Silymarin ensures that your liver is healthy enough to do its job. Milk Thistle supports liver function, promotes liver health, and acts as a potent antioxidant to help keep your body in tip-top condition. It’s an amazing supplement for flushing out liver toxins, rebuilding liver cells, and protecting the said organ from further damage.

Still unconvinced? Milk Thistle optimizes your health and well being in many other ways. It helps protect against cancer, promotes healthy cholesterol levels, supports skin health, and has anti-aging effects, too. Taking this supplement is also great for controlling diabetes and preventing gallstones. If you consume a lot of fatty food and alcohol or are a busy bee with an unhealthy lifestyle, Milk Thistle Silymarin will do your body a lot of good.

Features and benefits

  • FDA CPR # FR-4000002869537
  • Aids in rebuilding and protecting liver cells, which is important for toxin removal through the liver
  • Helps protect against Glutathione depletion, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, gallstones, and skin aging
  • Boasts potent antioxidant properties
  • Each bottle contains 90 soft gels with 1000 mg of Milk Thistle Silymarin each

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