Puritan's Pride 100 Tablets Zinc Gluconate (Chelated) 25mg


Zinc is also an essential mineral for growth and development. It’s a key mineral for cell division and
growth—two processes which the body uses to produce new healthy cells and replace older, worn-out
ones. What’s more, zinc also assists in the formation of your very DNA. Evidently, it’s an important
mainstay in the most fundamental processes of the human body.

Unfortunately, we cannot produce zinc on our own. This is why consuming zinc from external sources,
such as a healthy diet and health supplements, is crucial. Puritan’s Pride Zinc Gluconate delivers 25 mg
of Zinc per tablet. This high-quality zinc supplement was carefully formulated to be the most cost-
effective way to give your body the zinc it needs every single day.

Features and Benefits
● FDA-registered product | CPR Number: FR-4000004196125
● No approved therapeutic claims
● Helps strengthen the immune system
● Assists in the proper functioning of insulin
● Promotes healthy skin, vision, and smell
● Each bottle has 100 tablets containing 25 mg of Zinc

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