Skinny Food Co Sugar Free Garlic Mayo 425ml


Skinny Food Co-Skinny Sauce varieties are deliciously thick, smooth & surprisingly creamy. Surprising, considering they are zero-calorie*, zero dairy, zero gluten, zero carbs & zero fat!

These sauces can be used as an everyday condiment but can be enjoyed guilt-free.  Forget the hassle of having to count carbs and calories with every spoonful or gram. Add to summer salads or top the oven-baked chicken with a drizzle or two. You can also make a zesty pasta sauce, or even add a dollop to some cheeky chips.

We usually stock the following skinny sauce flavours: Mayonnaise, Peri Peri, Sweet Chilli Ceasar Dressing, Garlic Mayo & Ketchup & more.

Benefits of Skinny Sauce:

  • Zero Dairy
  • Gluten-Free
  • Low Carbs, Calories
  • Fat-Free

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