The Superfood Grocer Organic Golden Flax Seeds 454g (Buy 1,Take 1) Expiry (06-02-2022)

Flax seeds have the highest source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid, which helps lower cholesterol and improves heart, skin, bone and mental health. For athletes and active people, omega 3 reduces inflammation and plays an important role in the metabolism of fat. Flax seeds is a whole food rich with fiber and a complete protein with all the essential amino acids, it also retains all its enzymes, allowing the body to absorb it easily and then utilize it to improve immune function. Flax seeds also are high in potassium an integral electrolyte for active people. Be sure to choose whole flax seed such as this one rather than powdered flax seed meal. Whole flax seeds contain all their health-promoting oils, nutrients and enzymes while powdered Flax seed meal is what is left after the healthy oils have been extracted from the whole flax seed.

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