White Republic Teeth Whitening Kit

₱2,000 ₱2,600

Our Teeth Whitening Kit has been designed to deliver results in less than 10 days. Whiten your teeth with the most effective system. 

The White Republic kit, including our Gel formula, has been designed with safety and results in mind. The product is enamel-safe and the mouthpiece uses a safe LED light technology.

Our gel is US FDA approved. How it works

1. Brush your teeth and rinse mouth tray.
2. Twist the pen until gel flows to the brush.
3. Paint your teeth with the White Republic pen.
4. Plug the White Republic mouthpiece to your phone or any USB port.
5. Wear the White Republic mouthpiece and turn it on.
6. The Activated LED Light includes a 16-minute timer that will automatically turn off at the end of your application.
7. Rinse your mouth and mouth tray with water.
8. Use before bedtime for 7-10 consecutive days. For maintenance, use once a week.

 30 days warranty

  • 3 x White Republic Whitening Gel Pen
  • 1 x Desensitizing Gel Pen
  • Activated LED light
  • 3 connectors (USB, USB Type-C (Android), Lightning (iPhone)
  • Shade Guide
  • User Manual
  • FREE Velvet Toiletry Pouch

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